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Lose Belly Fat - 4 Simple And Best Steps To Burn Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat, Fat Burn,

Losing belly fat isn’t an easy task. It requires time and commitment. There is no way that you can lose 15Kg in 7 days. But if you follow these simple procedures, you can lose your weight and more belly fat than ever before. Today i am going to tell you 4 simple and best steps to burn belly fat in one week, workouts for belly fat and which not only for lose belly fat but its also helps to fat burn.

01. Food types that you should not eat

If you wants to lose belly fat or burn belly fat in one week then Remove these food types from your diet and you will see how quick your belly fat has decreased

(a). No Added Sugar

Whatever the food item if it contains sugar you have to avoid it. You have to stop eating sugar containing artificial juices, cakes, Granola, soft drinks like Coke etc. Its better you can use HONEY or JAGGERY (gud) as a substitute of sugar. Honey helps to cut your fat too and also good for your health.

(b). No Wheat Flour

Whatever the food item if it contains wheat flour you have to remove it from your diet. You have to avoid cookies, white bread, pizza, pan cakes etc. Wheat flour gives you a much calories. and you have to do some extra workouts for losing those calories.

(c). No Fast Food

Whatever the food item if it was made fast, you don’t need to eat it. You have to avoid fast food like KFC, McDonalds, Chips, Hot Dogs etc. And any oily foods always remember the fast foods contains a lot of fat and a lot of calories if you want to lose your belly fat you must have to avoid a fatty food and fast food. fast food is as a poison when you want to burn belly fat in one week or lose belly fat it also poison when you are doing fat burn exercise or any workout for belly fat.

02. Food types that you should eat

Now the biggest question you have is, what should you eat instead of above listed food items. Here I will list three food items that you should add to your daily diet. You have to take 3 or 4 meals per day and add these food items in each meal. Which will help to burn belly fat / lose belly fat as well as fat burn.

(a). Vegetables

Include vegetables in your daily diet. Vegetables like Spinach, Cabbage, Broccoli, Beatroot, Carrot etc. are good for your health. Berries too a good food item you can replace instead of a vegetable. Vegetables will boost your immunity and you can burn more calories in less days. And also helps to lose belly fat / fat burn

(b). Protein rich food items

Chicken, Turkey, Eggs, Fish etc. are good sources of protein which you must include in your daily diet. These also help in muscle building. Protein is not only for your muscles building but you got a more energy to survive and your body will fit for a longer time. Protein also contains carotene which helps to contract your muscles.

(c). Healthy Fat

Olive oil, Avacado, Peanuts, Fish are good sources of healthy fat that you should include in your daily diet.

Fat is not a bad thing fat also required for a healthy body but the good fat. If you taking a good fat in a proper ratio then good. Fat will increase your weight only when you take excess level of fat, I suggest you always go for a healthy fat . Also you may include one fruit per meal or day. If you want to have rice or oat meal or any other type of healthy carb rich food, do not exceed more than 50g per day. This way you can keep up your healthy diet and lose belly fat quickly.

03. Workouts For Belly Fat

Workout play a very important role when you losing your belly fat, losing your weight, inches and also when you gaining a weight. So now Fitnessvibelk is going to share you some easy workout for belly fat which will helps you to burn belly fat, lose belly fat and fat burn also and you can do at your home too .

There are many workouts to burn belly fat. some effective workouts and cardio exercises to burn belly fat are,

  1. Burpees- (10*3)
  2. Mountain Climbers- (10*3)
  3. Turkish get up- (10*3)
  4. Medicine ball burpees - (10*3)
  5. Sprawls - (10*3)
  6. Side to side medicine ball slam(15*3)
  7. Overhead medicine ball slam(15 reps*3)
  8. Russian twist (15 reps*3 )
  9. Plank - (30 sec*3 )
  10. inclined running - (2 km)
  11. Walking - (1-3 km)
  12. Yoga -(40-60 mints)

Workouts for belly fat you can do 3-4 days in a week for a beginning you can do a 2 sets and then increase it try for more repetitions. and give interval of every exercise is max 2 mints then go for the next exercise.These exercises are not only for lose belly fat(burn belly fat), or not a workout for belly fat only it will help to fat burn for your whole body. These are also a fat burn exercises.

There are lost of workout for belly fat only few and top most effective workout for belly fat which will burn belly fat, lose belly fat, fat burn, and give a good shape to your body. with this exercise you can burn belly fat in one week only.

04. Rest

Only doing workouts and not taking a proper rest will not helps you at all you must have to take a proper rest for you muscles otherwise you will gone a tired and after few days you will not able to do any fat burn exercise. You must at least have a sleep of 7 to 8 hours to burn fat and build muscles. If you do not have a proper enough sleep, following above steps won’t be effective at all. So do hard work hard take a healthy diet and give the proper rest of your body.

If you have any questions or any suggestions regarding lose belly fat, burn belly fat, fat burn, weight loss weight gain our comment section is always open for you. Also comment us if you want to suggest any special workout for belly fat.

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