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Muscles Growth - 8 Basic Reasons Why Muscles Aren't Growing


Muscles Growth

Your muscles get bigger (which is called muscle pump) while muscles training in the gym. But as the muscles start to recover and repair themselves after the workout you start to lose the pump as the extra oxygen supplied the blood is no longer necessary to keep the muscles working. But a little percentage of the pump remains in the muscle. Even though you are muscle training hard enough and eating right for a longer period of time, still don’t your muscles get bigger? Following may be some reasons for it

1. Not training each muscle often enough

Studies show that training each muscles in more smaller sessions per week is more effective than having a full workout for each muscle per week. When you are having a full workout for each muscle, ending workouts are more likely to be low quality due to being fatigue. also, each muscle protein synthesis only stays elevated for about 72 hours after workout. So, if you are training each muscle once per week, you will only trigger growth for up to 3 days. Rest of the days in the week, you would miss out on gains. It is recommended to train each muscle 3 times a week.

2. Not consuming enough cholesterol

Studies show that higher cholesterol diet is beneficial for higher muscular growth. So, more cholesterol you have, more muscles you gain. You should note that there is good source of cholesterol and bad sources of cholesterol. Keep in mine to have good sources of cholesterol like whole grains, high-fibre fruit, fatty fish, nuts etc

3. Not progressive with weights

Most important principle in gaining muscles is getting ready your muscle for increased weight training. So, if you are less progressive with weights, you are less likely to gain muscles.

4. Not doing enough muscles training

Your muscles training volume is directly proportional to your muscles growth. Doing more sets of muscles training is far more effective than doing a one set of training. If you are not having a proper muscles growth, try to increase no. of sets you perform in each training. I explained how to gain muscles in the last para. Muscles training play a important role to gain muscles or you muscles growth.

5. Overdoing cardio

Over doing cardio may take away your calorie surplus which you need in your muscles growth. It also reduces mtor activity (Mtor is an enzyme crucial for muscles growth). Adding cardio to a strength muscles training group can reduce strength and performance. Cardio causes unfavorable muscle fiber changes, lower muscle activation speed and reduce glycogen levels. As a result, you won’t be able to use the same amount of weights, as otherwise you could.

6. Not being in a calorie surplus

If you want to optimize muscles growth, you need to be in a calorie surplus. It helps to stimulate muscles growth. You should note that, a large calorie surplus isn’t better. A small calorie surplus does the work better. If you want to gain muscles you have to consume calories as per your muscles training

7. Not getting enough protein

As you may have already known, protein is crucial for muscles growth. Amino acids in your food intake end up being used as building blocks in your muscles. The best source of essential amino acid is found in meats, eggs and poultry. It is recommended to have 1.6g of protein per kg of body weight per day. Consuming more than that would not have any added benefits.

8. Not training through a full range of motion

Training through a full range of motion activates higher level of muscle activation, stimulates all parts of the muscle and helps in muscle stretching. So, training full range of motion helps in gain muscles.

How to gain muscles

Here is big issue how we gain the muscles or how we grow our muscles, Gain muscle and weight gain both are different. Muscles growth is depend upon your diet and workout, you have to consume more protein and do a proper workout and burn calories. With proper diet and proper workout you have to improve your metabolism immunity system if your metabolism is good then you can gain muscles easily. You must have to do proper muscles training (sets, reps, and a proper interval). Gain Muscles is not to gain weight it will toned your body and give a very attractive body.

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