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Six Pack Abs - 9 Foods To Avoid To Have Six Pack Abs



If you are not in a control of what you eat, then there is no chance of lose belly fat and having 6 pack abs even if you are doing abs workout. You should never eat these foods, if you want to gain abs. But you may have a little amount occasionally and deal with the extra calorie you gained.

1. Ice Cream

Ice cream is super high in sugar. Eating ice cream gives a high spike in blood sugar and increase the risk of diabetes. It also increases insulin level which when increased, it is impossible to burn fat and you can't lose belly fat. Whatever you are doing a hard abs workout but if your diet is not good you can't get six pack abs.

2. Pop Corn

Popcorn is made with some chemicals which is found in Teflon pans. It is very bad for health. Chemical which is found in popcorn, when heated can cause heart attack and heart diseases. It is also included pesticide chemicals as well. and its not good for your health too thats not matter you are doing abs workout or not. if you consuming these things don't think to lose belly fat and for a six pack abs.

3. Soft Drinks

One cup of soft drink contain about 48g of sugar which is equal to 12 tea spoons. It is recommended to have only 6 to 9 tea spoons of sugar per day. But one cup of soft drink already exceed the daily limit of sugar. Other than common soft drinks like Coca cola, Fanta, Pepsi etc. other artificial juices found in food stores also included in this. if you are food lover and you want to drink soft drinks you can cheat meal once in a month but you have to do more reps of abs workout.

4. Chips

Chips contain high sugar, salt and fat. Having too much chips can cause for cancer. Chips is a fatty food and if you are doing abs workout then please don't think about chips and fast food. It also directly effects your six pack abs and you never lose belly fat.

5. Pizza

Pizza is a combination of fat from cheese, carbs from white wheat flour and salt. There is around 285 calories in one slice of pizza. So if you have two slices, you exceed more than 500 calories. And it is clearly say in above para if you exceed your calories level you never lose your belly fat. and also you have to do more abs workout.

6. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese contain additives and artificial flavours which are very bad for health and fat loss. Don't use cream and cheese if you wanna a good six pack abs.

7. Oreo

Oreo is super high in calories and fat. It also contains too much sugar which gives a insulin spike. It is very difficult to burn fat until the insulin level is down. 06 pieces of oreo contain around 270 calories. Oreo is very addictive, so you may end up eating a whole pack which is equal to having around 670 calories which is very difficult to burn.

8. Honey Mustard

Combination of both honey and mustard is cautious to fat loss. 01 table spoon of honey mustard contain around 65 calories and 3g of sugar and 5.5g of fat. if you consuming the both don't think to lose belly fat.

9. Fried Chicken

Anything fried is bad for weight loss. Consuming more fried chicken increase the risk of cancer and obesity. Also consuming more fried chicken cause a huge spike in calorie count and fat which will be very difficult in losing weight as well as lose belly fat too.

So these are the main points if you want a six pack abs and lose belly fat i and how much abs workout you have to do. In our next article i will explain the abs workout and how you easily lose belly fat, also get a better six pack and maintain six pack.

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