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Free Hand Exercise

 Free Hand Exercise

Do you miss your gym? Or you don’t have enough time to spend in gym for your fit and toned body. You are not alone in this pandemic all gyms, heath clubs even the swimming pools and grounds are closed Don’t worry you can do workouts at your home for 20-30 mints only. Here I am going to introduce some free hand exercise which you can do at your home.

 Free hand exercise

There are many different benefits of free hand exercises and you should know about this. These workouts helps to tone your body or build your muscles, you can do it at your home even you don’t need a single equipment. Free hand exercise helps to burn fat and lose weight (if you are taking a healthy and proper diet). It helps to boost your immune system and improve your strength. Free hand exercise can shape your body/ muscles. It also helps to improve heart health.

What are the 5 basic workouts?

1-   Push-ups

2-   Squats

3-   Planks

4-   Leg lift

5-   Ab crunch

And many other I will let you know from starting:-


There is no doubt push-ups is a common upper body workout and it has different effective benefits. Push-ups affects on your Chest, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulder and Back.

Push-ups for chest

Push-ups for Chest

·       Expand your hand upto chest level on the floor.

·       Keep your body tight, and back straight like planks position.

·       Look forward unlock the elbow outward.

·       Slowly go down, your any body part will not touch the floor.

·       And now slowly push the floor and lift yourself up.

·       Repeat it for 15 times for 1 set

·       Take 20-25 sec rest and again repeat the same of 3-4 sets.

Push-ups for Biceps

Push-ups for Biceps

·       Expand your hand upto shoulder level on the floor.

·       Unlock your elbows and when you go down keep closer to chest (slightly inward).

·       Rest all process are same as for the chest.

·       Repeat it for 15 times for 1 set.

·       Take 20-25 sec rest and again repeat the same of 3-4 sets.

Push-ups for Shoulders

Push-ups for Shoulders

·       Expand your hand upto shoulder level slightly upward on the floor.

·       Unlock your elbows and when you go down keep your elbow outward to shoulder.

·       Your body should be in planks position but keep your butts slightly upward.

·       Rest all process are same as for the chest and Biceps.

·       Repeat it for 15 times for 1 set

·       Take 20-25 sec rest and again repeat the same of 3-4 sets.

Push-ups for Back

Push-ups for Back

·       Expand your hand very wider aprox 18-20 inches as per your chest size.

·       Unlock your elbows and when you go down keep totally outward to shoulder (you will feel it on your back).

·       Rest all process are same as for the chest and Biceps.

·       Repeat it for 15 times for 1 set

·       Take 20-25 sec rest and again repeat the same of 3-4 sets.

Push-ups for Triceps (Dimond Push-ups)

Push-ups for TricepsDimond Push-ups

·       Make a Dimond shape with your index finger and thumb of both hands.

·       Unlock your elbows and when you go down keep totally outward to shoulder and touch your nose in that dimond shape.

·       Rest all process are same as for the back.

·       Repeat it for 10 times for 1 set

·       Take 20-25 sec rest and again repeat the same of 2-3 sets.



Squats affects on your lower body; it helps to improve your thighs and hips. This workout is very useful to burn thigh fat as well as it makes your thigh muscles stronger.


·       Stand straight and Expand your legs upto shoulder level

·       Keep your both hand up and clasp together.

·       Push your hip back like you sitting on a chair, hold for a seconds.

·       Your thighs should be parallel to floor.

·       Stand and feel the pressure on your knee and thighs


Planks is a free hand exercise which helps you to burn calories of arms and your abs. no doubt it’s one of the hardest exercises. Basically its of two types one is planks and second is side planks.


        ·         Lie down on floor keep your body weight on your forearm.

        ·       Fold your forearms and Expand your elbow upto shoulder level.

        ·       Your body should be straight and tight.

        ·       Keep your toes together and look forward.

        ·       Hold for 30-50 sec for 1 set.

        ·       Take 30sec rest and repeat this exercise of 3-4 sets.

Side Planks
Side Planks

·       Lie down on floor on left side

·       Keep your legs straight.

·       Prop your body from a straight line.

·       Hold on the same position for 30-40 sec

·       Do the same from right side to complete 1 set

·       Repeat it for 3-4 sets.

Leg lift

Leg lift exercise affects on your calf muscles, legs and lower abs, it also helps to burn fat of lower abs and make a muscle strong.

Leg lift

·       Lie down on floor or yoga mat.

·       Stretch your leg outward

·       Hold for few secs.

·       Slowly push your legs downward.

·       Don’t touch your ankle to the floor keep it in the air.

·       Repeat the same for 15 reps for one set

·       Take rest for 20-25 sec and again repeat it for 3 sets.


Abs Crunch

Abs crunch is a very effective exercise for belly fat, it helps to trim the belly fat when you do this workout. It gives pressure on your abdominal area so before doing this you have to take care about your diet and also the proper position.

Abs Crunch

·        Lie straight on floor/yoga mat.

·        Bent your keens from the ground.

·        Keep your hand behind your head and cross neck from both hand.

·        Your elbow should be slightly inward.

·        Curl your body up and try to touch knee from your chin.

·        Hold on the same position for a few secs and then lie. But your back should not touch the floor.

·        Repeat the same for 30-50 times for one set.

·        Do minimum 3 sets.

When you curl your body and touch the knee with chin the pressure you feel between the chest and the abdominal area, it’s a very effective free hand exercise.



If you want to burn fat and get a fit body at home, Burpee is the best exercise for you. It helps to improve your heart health and it’s a whole-body exercise, upper body and lower body too. The best part of this exercise is you don’t need any equipment, any weight for this free hand exercise. It makes the muscle of legs, biceps, chest, shoulder, back and abs stronger. it may also help to burn fat.


·        Stand on the floor

·        Go to squat position, parallel your thigh to floor.

·        Put your palms on floor.

·        Kick your legs back and do a single push-up.

·        Pull your hip up by kicking your legs towards palms.

·        And then stand on the floor

The whole process you should be completed very fast aprox in 2-4 seconds and then repeat the same process again for 1-2 minutes. If you feel tired then take rest for 30 second and then repeat the second set do minimum 3 sets of 1-2 minutes.



As we all know that Skipping is very common exercise, your just have to jump with rope on the same place. Skipping is one of the cardio exercises, it helps to improve your heart health. If you don’t have time or space for jogging just do skipping for    10-15 minutes, it’s equivalent to jogging. To some extent it also helps to grow your height.


Is freehand exercises better than gym?

Many people ask is freehand exercises better than gym lets see, Gym and exercises both affects your body differently. In the gym you can shape your muscles but free hand exercise helps to improve your muscle strength. Both are important for your body, yes but at gym you got a suitable environment for fitness so you will definitely do well. When you start a weight workout you have to stretch and warmup your body before that. If you increase the repetitions of warmup/stretching (free hand exercise) and there sets it affects more than any other gym equipments. Free hand exercises just not pump your body it will naturally tone your body.


What are the exercises in the 7 minutes workout?

7 minutes exercises are:-

·        Jumping jaks (for whole body)

·        Push-ups (for upper body)

·        Squats (for your lower body)

·        Burpees (for whole body)

·        Abs crunch (for your abdominal)

·        Dimond push-ups (for your triceps)

·        Planks (for your core)


Can you get fit in 10 minutes a day?

Some people ask Can you get fit in 10 minutes a day. Yes, definitely but not immediately, because building a muscle is not possible only with ordinary exercises, you have to take care of your diet, what you eat what you get. Exercising for 10 minutes a day will only keep you fresh or your body will be active for a day. If you are already unfit like obesity or your health is low then you have to give more to your body needs that is workout or diet. Yes if you want to loose weight and you are on any special diet (low calorie diet) then 10 minutes of exercise is enough.

If you have any Query then you can contact us or comment us. Please comment your opinion and also share if you have any good suggestions.


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